5210190660108288 Formulas Beauty Calm & Recovery抗敏修復全效組合 Calm & Recovery抗敏修復全效組合 舒緩因天氣或壓力出現的敏感皮膚 改善粗糙,缺水的肌膚 平衡和穩定肌膚狀態 提升組織自我修復力,皮膚回復彈性 4款產品配合使用能夠發揮最佳功效: Foam Cleanser -天然胺基酸潔面泡沫 (150ml) 成份:含燕麥肽及海藻提取液,溫和清潔皮膚上的油脂及污垢 Product #: formulasbeauty-Calm & Recovery抗敏修復全效組合 2022-12-07 Regular price: $HKD$680.0 Available from: Formulas BeautyIn stock In the changing weather and the long term use of the mask. Everyone's skin has become more sensitive than normal. But Formulas Beauty product has helped and ease the allergy and gradually now helping my skin to recover. If you have bad outbreaks, really try this and it will change your life! Guaranteed it works! 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0